WhatsApp alternatives

**Update: **Threema support responded: traffic-data is deleted when the message is delivered, or after two weeks, whichever is earlier. The popular WhatsApp messaging service has been bought by Facebook last week. It is reassuring to see that many people are worried about this. It means Facebook can collect and combine even more data about you than they already do. They now have the posts that you share with all your friends, but now they also have the messages that you share with your best friend, or with the small selected groups of friends. The worrying means that people are now looking for alternatives, and below is my personal take on some of the alternatives that I’ve seen.


My name is Jeroen van der Ham, I have always had an interest and concern for digital privacy and open Internet developments. After some recent studies I performed on net neutrality and censorship in the Netherlands, I found myself in ethical dilemmas. This made me realise that it is not just privacy and openness that are our concerns, but that we are currently witnessing the development of ethics and morality in cyberspace.